Hello. My name is Peter. I am a Healer, Acupuncturist, Advanced Bodyworker, Shaman and Herbalist. My path to the healing arts took me through several other careers including music, retail, and child care before finding the path of medicine. My first encounter with non-Western medicine fixed a thyroid condition that had troubled me and had gone undiagnosed for years. It would be several years of personal growth late before I would be ready to begin my journey on the healer’s path.

It is my belief and practice that healing is a collaboration between practitioner and patient. We work to treat the body, mind, emotions, and spirit; balance of the whole of all of these is the true path off health. I bring my Taoist and Buddhist studies, experience in music and performance, and Shamanic studies with energy and breath work to enhance my knowledge of Acupuncture, bodywork, and herbal medicine in unique ways.

My formal medical study was at Pacific College in New York City and I hold licenses in New York, Massachusetts, and California. Through my years of practice I have come to understand that healing is as much about preventing disease and maintaining health as it is about returning to harmony and balance within the body.

I look forward to working together on your path to wellness, call (917) 572-3742 to schedule your session