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                               A-LIST 2013

                             Cape Cod Magazine 2011

                  EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD
                  CAPE COD MAGAZINE 2011

                           We are here for you!
Master Teacher Shaun & Top Rated Family of International Teachers
508-737-8528 or

(nothing but Teachers that are at the Top of their Field & Expertise)

ANNOUNCING SPINNING- YES SPINNING  at STRENGTH & CLARITY, with Master Teacher, Educator & Studio Owner Shaun.

Monday 8 a.m./Wednesdays 10 a.m. / Thursdays 530 p.m. / Fridays 8 a.m. / Class size limited to 6 people. We do make a difference at S&C...
It's about QUALITY of Movement over QUANTITY of Movement!

BARRE IS BACK AT S&C! After last weeks successful POP UP BARRE CLASSES we are excited to announce they're coming back on schedule as of Friday August 1st. As well as Modern Dance, Fosse,
Burlesque, Adult & Children's Tumbling, Children's Aerial & More.... Contact me at 508-737-8528 for more information or refer to Class Schedule to see if posted yet... coming very soon.

We will be adding unlimited monthly memberships for classes after Labor Day & also return to our OPEN GYM hours for you!

Strength & Clarity means, Fitness, Healing & Wellness!
We provide a calm, empowering environment, that embraces our community, diversity and total well being for every body; uncompromising service, 
authenticity & integrity with regard to our staff, our students & the world we live within.

From Beginners to Advanced students- Therapeutic Conditioning to Athletic Training- Every hour you here will be exception & inspirational personal experience with results.

Under the mentoring of Shaun Edwards, each Teacher is hand picked for their passion, integrity, incredible knowledge of the body & movement, outstanding teaching skills- attention to details including form, alignment & breath as well as being highly motivated and patient to effectively guide each student to a Unique experience within the Pilates Method, Yoga, Personal Fitness Training & our other Body Movement Programs.

In addition to Pilates we feature professional & diverse movement programs. Privates, Duets/Trios, Semi-Privates & Small Group Classes in all S&C Programs. Gyrotonics, Yoga-  Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Restorative, Rehabilitative, Pain Release, Meditation, Spinning, Aerial FlowMotion Pilates. Dance- Ballet, Modern & Contemporary.  Aerial- Conditioning & Circus Fit. TRX on the BEACH, Resistaball, Bodyblade & Functional/Athletic/Cardiovascular Training and more. Including our new growing Children's Program.

Strength & Clarity has been providing outstanding Pilates, Fitness, Wellness Instruction & guidance to the Provincetown Community, Cape Cod & Beyond for  decade- specializing in improving quality of movement or a diverse base of students- regardless of age, background or circumstance.

We are excited to announce we will be bringing Siobhan from New York to Strength & Clarity June 2014- with Gyrotonics - Gyrokinesis Method. Details & Bio to follow!
Gyrotonic Privates & Duets available via appointments on Equipment as well as Gyrokinesis Class on Fridays 9 a.m. Thursday through Saturday but daily the month of August. Book today: 508-737-8528

                    REMEMBER- IT IS NOT WHAT YOU DO

                        & BEST TEACHERS ON CAPE COD

                        Featuring Studio Senior Teacher Kathleen.
                     "Best Pilates Instructors to Rock Your Core!"

                      Special Thank You, Respect & Appreciation to
                                The Editor's of Cape Cod Magazine

Pilates with Integrity...
TEACHER TRAINING CENTER- Select Team & Family of Exceptional Teachers
in the U.S. & Abroad.

Excellence, Education, Integrity, Commitment, Experience, Compassion & RESULTS  to back us!

   Our Signature PILATES & YOGA Program designed specifically for Seniors & those who need a modified approach to Pilates Yoga- including Rehabilitative-Therapeutic will be rolling out in July 2014. Schedule TBA. Please contact for details & special rates. Shaun 508-737-8528

age 65 & up always 50% off = $7.50 per class! All movement classes! We are here for you!

    "The Red Inn" - EXHALE YOGA -_returns Summer 2014

                 We are listening & we are here for YOU!

                      Strength & Clarity Yoga Program:

Saturdays: 10 a.m. YOGAflow Vinyasa with Jed

Sundays: 10 a.m. YOGAflow- Vinyasa with Erica
                 1130 am - 1230 p.m. VINYASA with Elliott
                 6 p.m. YOGA-HATHA with Denista

Mondays: 10 a.m. YOGA TRIO- Vinyasa with Eliott
                 (1-3 people per class only, $25 each)
                 (wonderful experience!)
                 6 p.m. Stretch, Breath & SlowFlow with Erica
                 (all levels encouraged/perfect for first timers)

Tuesdays: 9 a.m. YOGAflow- Vinyasa with Jed
                   10 a.m. YOGA EXHALE- Vinyasa with Brad
                    at the RED INN 15 Commercial Str. Bring towel                      
                   6 p.m. YOGAflow with Christel

Wednesdays: 10 a.m. YOGA EXHALE- Vinyasa with Erica
                        at the RED INN on the deck (15 Commercial)
                        6 p.m. YOGAflow- Vinyasa with Elliott

Thursdays:9 a.m. YOGAflow-Vinyasa with Jed
                    10 a.m. YOGA EXHALE- Vinyasa with Brad
                    at the RED INN 15 Commercial Str. bring towel.
                    6:30 p.m. MEDITATION w/Christel

Fridays: 10 a.m. YOGA EXHALE- Vinyasa with Jed
               at the RED INN on the deck (15 Commercial)

Yoga Mats, Props & Water Provided.

Classes are $15 ea. drop-in or prepaid pkg of 3/$39(use within one week)
& pkg. of 10/$100.(use within two weeks) or 10/$140 seasonal.

Privates also available with each of our highly qualified, genuine & passionate Teachers- in our beautiful Private Yoga Studio.


We Extend Our Grateful Hearts to Grand Master Elder Teachers Mary Bowen & Lolita San Miguel, Creator-Founder of Pilates Method Alliance & Director of Peak Pilates Kevin Bowen, Master Pilates Teacher Heike Yates, Resistaball
Founders Mike & Stephanie Morris & Bodyblade Creator & Founder Bruce Hymanson- and in Spirit the Honor & Respect to Joseph H. & Clara Pilates... Mary Pilates & Eve Gentry-  inspiring us each every day along with our ever growing Strength & Clarity family.

One of THE FIRST Fully Equipped
Pilates Studios- 
On The Cape-
Celebrating our  11th Year of   Pilates, Fitness & Wellness with
Integrity in PROVINCETOWN,
Cape Cod & Beyond.

                                                                 THE FIRST TRX
                             TRAINING CENTER ON CAPE COD...
                                      7th Year of TRX Training
                                                          BEACH TRX-
                                              Returns Summer 2014

             Pilates Method Alliance Member
                                     Featured in Cape Cod Magazine
                           Cape Cod Business Success Stories
                                       Nov/Dec 2008/2009
                      IDEA Health & Fitness Association Member  
                               I DREAMED A DREAM

Paul Shaun Edwards-Master  Pilates Teacher, Educator, Founder& Studio Owner, On-going Heart-felt Mentoring
with Grand Master Elder Mary Bowen, Master Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher,
Functional Training Coach, Athletic Trainer & Certified Personal Trainer and former SELF Magazine Consultant, World Spinning & Sports Conference Presenter & International Educator, Bodyblade & Resistaball Master Instructor- Mad Dogg Athletics. Resistaball Master Instructor of the Year Two Years & Circle of Excellence, Lifelong Certified Spinning Instructor and offers over 29 years of experience in the World of Fitness & Wellness, Motivational, Nutrition & Movement, Choreographer, Teaching, Coaching- and having weighed 350 lbs. at one time in my life! Over a decade of Pilates & Movement with Integrity for the Provincetown Community- 

                                                     Dreams do come true!

We bring realism, integrity, experience, education, passion & individual approach to each and every client!

Quality of Movement over Quantity of Movement.... all honoring
Joseph & Clara Pilates, Grand Master Elder Teacher Mary Bowen,
Heike Yates,  Kevin Bowen, Myself and  Most Importantly Each & Every Client-Member of the Strength & Clarity Family.

Invest In Something Sure to Pay You Dividends.... YOUR LIFE!

 Strength & Clarity Pilates Has Given Me A Renewed Sense of Health
     Along with Motivation I Thought I Would Never Have Again!
    My name is Rob Costa, and I have been doing Pilates with Shaun since May of 2008. 
     I was very shocked and couldn't believe what was happening.  I decided to try Pilates to try to
build my strength back to be as strong as I could be in preparation of what I thought was inevitable.
     Shaun continued to train me diligently and encouraged me to not let anything get me down. 
For months my whole body got stronger and stronger  and my pelvic imbalance & lower back issues
 were evidently being corrected.  I began walking upright and the pain ceased. Pilates really changed
my ability to  focus  as well. To not give up mentally and to try to keep myself as fit as possible.  I
eventually was informed that I did not have IBM but a rare undiagnosed myopathy.
     Shaun has been and will always be in my heart and mind in appreciation of his expertise and never
ending care in keeping me grounded during my stressful medical journey- as I continue getting stronger  and stronger!  
I will always do Pilates now and be a client of Shaun's and STRENGTH & CLARITY PILATES!  ROB
    With the growing popularity of Pilates...
 IT IS IMPORTANT to be taught by a highly qualified Pilates        Teacher, Certified & Insured-  who also teaches with sincere
PASSION & RESPECT  of the PILATES METHOD & recognizes the role we play in the COMMUNITY!
 Our background & CONTINUED Training & Mentoring includes:
Grand Master Teacher & Elder Mary Bowen, Master Teacher Heike Yates, Master Teacher & Founder/Former Pres. of Pilates Method Alliance, Founder & Director of Pilates Education Group-  Kevin Bowen, Quantum Pilates, Balanced Body University,  & pursuing Physical Mind Institute and Peak Pilates- and on-going within the Strength & Clarity Pilates Movement Studio with myself, Shaun  Edwards.

I'd like to clarify that our Training and Mentoring is not a single weekend or an hour private lesson with Mary, Heike, Kevin, Myself or any of my other fellow Master Teachers and Trainers.... it involves hours & hours & hours of Training, Mentoring, and Growth under their Wings of Knowledge, Integrity, Experience, Respect and Life!
All of my teachers are Aerobics and Fitness Association of America  Certified, hold Personal Training Certifications, most are Spinning Certified if incorporating the Spin Bike into PT work or Fitness Programming, and are are extensively Resistaball Trained, as well as hold current CPR.
As a true  Pilates Educational Teaching Center-  we realize the true importance of proper training, continuing education and sincere desire to be a key component in the World of Pilates-Fitness-Wellness!                                                                       

 The PILATES METHOD of exercise focuses on postural symmetry, abdominal & spinal stabilization,mind/body-control, breathe, and strengthening through the complete range of motion of all joints.
Rather than isolating individual muscle groups, the whole body is trained, integrating both upper & lower extremities with the trunk. The result is STRONG, LONG, AND LEAN MUSCLES with a BALANCEof strength ratios- as well as both increased body awareness & increased CLARITY of mind.
 A special weekend
To my mentors & my inspiration... Special Thank you from my heart, Heike Yates, Mary Bowen, Kevin Bowen, my true kindred spirit Bo & every one of his Greyt brothers and sisters- and  the love, strength & valor that live on from my Mother Helen & Father John, Joseph & Clara Pilates,  my loving & supportive Brother Bruce & Sister-in-law Sharon, my son Rob, to  Marc & Pip, my friends, clients & fellow
pilates teachers that inspire me each and every day!
Let your  journey begin today...

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