What is Pilates? What Are the Benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on the body’s core strengthening abdominal muscles while providing an alignment focused, elongating, breath based complete fitness routine. Strength & Clarity uses Pilates to improve alignment, balance muscles and retrain posture. The exercises lengthen muscles as they are strengthened resulting in joint space, integrated right and left side bodies, and reconnection of mind-body.

Pilates on Mat

Strength & Clarity offers Classical Pilates Mat programs with added props to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and posture by incorporating floor-based Pilates movements that stimulate the deep “core” muscles of your hips, abdomen, low back and spine. The focus is always on incorporating breathe, control, coordination, flow and being present in the body. Improved posture , increased flexibility and strength, and improved balance and coordination are just some of the benefits.

  • Mat class $20 each
  • Minimum 4 maximum 15 clients

Pilates and the Apparatus

Pilates has its own unique equipment designed by Joseph Pilates—the Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Ladder Barrel, and Chair. Strength & Clarity uses all of these machines in private class instruction and in duet instruction—matching individuals based on experience. Our private and duet apparatus classes are designed to address intimate, specific, and focused goals established by our clients.


    • $90 private , 10 pack $850
    • $55 duet per student, or 10 pack for $525
    • $40 trio or 10 pack for $380, $30 tower group or 10 pack for $280
    • $20 pilates mat/yoga class
    • Sports massage with Brian, $125/hour $175 for 90 minutes, housecall rate varies.  For massage call Brian directly at (857) 241-0451